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It is such a joy to reach and teach children! Truly, it is one of the most rewarding ministries you can be a part of. But all of us who have worked with children have come to that moment when we have exhausted our Bible lesson, repertoire of songs, and already played our main review game…and the pastor is still bringing the Bible message in the auditorium. In those rather desperate times, this was my go-to game when I needed to pull something out of the hat. I learned this game years ago from my junior church teacher, Ryan Frank, who some may recognize from AWANA or Kidzmatter.

Ring It

Object: This game is an elimination game. You stay in the game by answering Bible review questions first. The last man standing wins.

What Do You Need to Play: A call bell

How to Play: Call three boys and three girls up to the front of the class. Have the boys line up on one side of you, while the girls line up on the other side. You stand in the center with the bell in your hand or have the bell on a table in between the players. (Think the fast money round on the game show Family Feud.)

Ask a question from your lesson. The first child to ring the bell may answer the question. If the child answers correctly, they go back to the end of their line to continue the game. The child who lost gets a consolation prize (like a tootsie roll) and returns to their seat.

If the child answers incorrectly, the opposing player may try to answer. If both players get it wrong, ask a new question.

As the lines get lop-sided, have players from the longer line go to the other side. You keep eliminating players until you finally have your winner. Give the winner a prize!

Grab It


Instead of playing with a call bell, use a piece of candy. This is a wonderful spur of the moment game because although you may not have a call bell on you at all times (Dare you even call yourself a children’s worker?), you are certain to have a bag of candy on you!

One warning from personal experience: If you are using candy, you may want to put it on a table instead of in your hand. Some of those precious kids have sharp finger nails! YIKES!

What is your favorite spur-of-the-moment review game? Leave it in the comments below!