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Do you ever feel unimportant in the grand scheme of things?  Do the things you do for God seem trivial and small?  If you dropped out today, would anyone even know?

I have been going to church since I was in preschool.  The churches that I have attended have varied in size and in the way they operate.  I have been in very small churches where there were very few in number and the church I am a member of now is quite large and there are so many people!

One common theme that I have noticed in every church that I have attended is that everyone has a purpose!!!!  Every person is important!!!!  I don’t care what your purpose is at your church–it is needed and necessary!

One of my amazing friends is very quiet and shy.  She sits on the back row every service.  You might not ever know that there is an amazing lady under that quiet exterior if you don’t work hard to get to know her.  She is really good about watching the kids in the nursery when there are dinners or banquets for the couples.  What is so important about this dear quiet lady?  She is a blessing to the ladies that get to enjoy a banquet or dinner with their husband while their children are safely being taken care of in the nursery.  There is also that back pew she sits in–if my friend isn’t there, it leaves an obvious empty spot in the auditorium!  Even if our “unimportant role” in the church is to sit faithfully in a pew each and every service, that is a real encouragement to our pastor and other members that might need a reminder of faithfulness and friendship.

Another job that might not seem so important would be the maintenance and cleaning of the buildings.  In smaller churches, sadly a lot of times it is presumed that this should be the job of the pastor and his wife. Pastors of churches are on call 24/7 and work way more than two full time jobs if you were counting by hours.  In one church my husband pastored, it was not uncommon for him to be called on to help a farmer that was having trouble with cows.  I sat in the car many times watching him with his shirt and tie on having just come from the church, and help clear roads and driveways of fallen trees with his chain saw.  Then there were the countless hours we spent with families having problems and needing counsel.  Much time is also spent doing hospital visitation and shut-in visits.  There are many hours spent in study to be ready to preach and teach the Word of God.  The list of duties that the pastor and his wife do is long and endless.  A dependable person with a servant’s heart that would help to make sure that God’s house is clean and maintained is invaluable.

The yard at your church also needs mowed!  Think about how much time you must spend each week on maintaining your own yard.  The church yard must also be done.  Some churches do not have it in their budget to hire this out.  If you are the person that has taken it upon yourself to do this ministry, you are a BLESSING!  I remember many times when my husband would be at the church at 9 or 10 on Saturday night with the mower while I followed around shining the car lights so he could see to get it done by Sunday morning.

A lady in one church we served in, always made sure that the paper products were stocked, paying for it with her own money.  What a blessing it was to not ever have to worry about a seemingly small thing, but as the pastor’s wife, that took another load off of my shoulders.

Every person in the church plays an integral role in the big picture.  Every church needs faithful people to sit in the pew, tithing members to participate in the offering to finance God’s work, singers to sing, janitors to clean, people to maintain the yard, teachers to teach, nursery workers to love babies, people to make visits, encouragers to encourage the pastor and smiling faces to encourage weary souls.

Christian, you are appreciated.  You are needed.  You are important!