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This post was written by Kassandra, age 12,  the youngest member of The Ministry Mom family who lives with a chronic illness.

Twelve years ago February 23, my life changed forever, as I was diagnosed with a chronic illness called Type 1 diabetes at the age of 10 months old.  I am so thankful for a mom who knew that something was very wrong with me.  Little did she know that not only did I have a double ear infection, but that the diagnosis that night would mean that she would have to get up through the night and maintain my diabetes from that night on.

Night time blood checks.

Mom does night time blood checks on me to make sure I am ok.


T1D is an auto immune disease. My immune system isn’t as strong, so I get sick easily.   When my blood glucose is high I get very hot and my cheeks get red.  I also feel thirsty and sick and my legs hurt.  When I go low I feel like I am going to pass out.  I also get very shaky and feel cold.

When I hang out with my friends, I always have to stop and check my blood and when I am low, I have to drink some juice (which helps my blood go up) and sometimes we have to stop playing.

Fighting a low blood sugar.

When I am low I don’t feel good.


Diabetes is a very chronic illness.  If I don’t take care of myself, I could have serious complications or even die.  Through these twelve years the most important thing that I have learned is to trust in the Lord!  I am praying that someday there will be a cure and that God will keep me safe during the night till then.  If any of you have cancer or a very serious disease and many complications or death is down the road, the only thing you can do is trust the Lord.  When you talk to people who have a serious disease that are not saved, you can use your story and help them come to Christ.

I can’t sit around and feel sorry for myself because this disease is a part of me now.  God gave this chronic illness to me for a reason, and that reason is because this is part of His plan for my life.  Feeling sorry for myself won’t change anything, it would only make me feel worse. I hope that my story with Type 1 diabetes has helped anyone with similar situations to accept what God has given you and glorify Him with your life.

Kassie, living with a chronic illness


I hope this blog has been a blessing to you.  If you would like for me to pray for you in your situation, please leave a note in the comment section!