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Are you looking around the house and wanting to freshen up a room?  Do you need to bring a little change to liven up your tired decor?  A very inexpensive, relatively easy, something pretty much anyone can do is to sew up a simple valance to make a small change with a big difference!

Have you ever seen the credit card commercial where the parents are tearfully sending their son out the door to college and as soon as they closed the door they gleefully ran to change their son’s room into a fun room including a hot tub?????  Hahahaha!!!!  I sort of had the same thing happen here! Kyle moved out of the house and I had his room to turn into my dream room – my sewing room!!!!!

Now, lest you think I was anxious for Kyle to move out, I really wasn’t – honest, I wasn’t!  BUT……I really was excited to get a real sewing room, and besides that I got a daughter-in-law too, so that was a bonus!  I know you are probably wondering what all of this has to do with the subject of valances – I am getting to that!

I have been wanting to write some tips on decorating on a budget.  Since I was decorating my sewing room, I am making this my first tip!!! Learn to make a simple valance!

Here is what you will need:

Scissors or a cutting mat with a rotary cutter



a sewing machine

tape measure or ruler




1.) Find a used sewing machine at thrift stores, Craigslist, Facebook yard sale pages, your neighborhood yard sales or from a family member that no longer needs theirs.

2.)  You can save on the cost of material by using old sheets, tablecloths, or old curtains. (If Maria made all of the children new outfits out of her curtains on The Sound of Music, we ought to be able to get a little valance out of one!!!)    If you buy fabric at a fabric store make sure to check if there are coupons online or on your smart phone apps!

To figure out what size to cut your material, measure the size you want the valance to be and add  1 and 1/2 inch to the width and 8 and 3/4 inches to the height to have enough for the hem.  Make sure that you make your valance full enough to make it look good for the width!

Measure out your material and cut the desired size.

To hem the sides to make a finished edge, fold the material over 1/4 of an inch ironing it as you go.  Then fold it over half an inch once again ironing as you go.  Do both sides!  If you are making a valance without a ruffle on the bottom, go ahead and do the same thing on the bottom to hem the bottom of your valance.

Now all you have left is to put the pocket at the top for the curtain rod and it will be finished!

For the pocket, fold the top down 1/2 inch ironing as you go.  Then fold it down 3 1/2 inches ironing as you go.

Sew along the edge to close up the pocket.  Measure up a 1 1/2 inch from the line you just sewed and sew another line all the way across. This will form a pocket for a normal curtain rod and also form a little ruffle for the top!

And there you have it!  Now go and look at your windows to see which ones need a little sprucing up!!!