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There have never been more opportunities to work at home than we find in our world today thanks to the Internet. Women have seen that famous “www.” and turned it upside down to say “mmm.” (Moms Making Money). There are virtual assistance jobs, direct sales, online retail shops, blogs and social media just to name a few! While working from home isn’t for everyone, it has truly never been easier to bring in extra income while snuggling with your toddlers!

The question we have to ask ourselves is: Is This Biblical?

I am constantly amazed at how God proves to us that His Word is a living book. It is so relevant to our daily living. We do indeed have a pattern for work-at-home moms found in Proverbs 31:10-24.

In this passage, we find three things:

1. She is contributing to the financial wellbeing of her home by bringing in extra income (vv. 11, 15, 21, and 27).

2. She is blessing others, not draining others’ resources (vv. 15-20).

3. Her family enjoys a nicer lifestyle because of her efforts (vv. 14, 21-22).

This woman has several business ventures she is involved in, and we see that God is blessing her virtuous efforts.

This leads us to the question: Should YOU Work at Home? Let’s look again at our passage and I think we will see five questions that can help us discern whether or not you should work from home.

1. What skills has God given you?

Our Proverbs 31 lady could obviously make garments. I cannot. I am terrible at anything crafty. In fact, I would be better at creating the online business of than making Pinterest-worthy projects. I can, however, use my secretarial skills for ministries world-wide through Professional Support Staff. What skills has the Lord given you?

2. What assets has God given you?

This Proverbs 31 woman has fields and fruit and puts it to good use. Has the Lord given you something you can produce and sell? Perhaps you raise chickens or bees? What has God given you that you can turn into a blessing for your family and others?

3. Is your merchandise good?

Just because we have something, does not necessarily mean it is worthy of selling. I have a dear friend who I always think of when I read this verse. She has been involved in a few direct sales companies that did not sell products up to her standards. Once she discovered this, she no longer sold them. She wanted her merchandise to be good! Use discernment about your wares.

4. Are you willing and able to put in the extra time and effort?

This was not an easy thing for our lady to do. We see here rising early and staying up late. She could not afford to be lazy and still have a good business. She had the health and strength, and she was going to use it to be a blessing to her family.

5. Does it cause conflict with your family?

We can tell our 31 woman never put her business before her family in verse 28. They blessed her. Her husband had greater influence because of her efforts.

Does your business pass these Biblical questions? Keep up the great work! You can be a great blessing to your family and church through your efforts!

Give us the name of your Work From Home Business in the comment section below! I know there will be several ladies looking for your ideas of what they could do from home!

* This lecture was first given by Katie McElreath at The 2016 Baptist Friends Meeting at Temple Baptist Church. You can listen to the audio here.