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Have you ever had one of those long days when it seems like nothing could go right? Maybe the car blew up on the way home, or the family goldfish died…again, leaving your kids in a crying mess all day; whatever the case, we’ve all had trying times like this! The thing that can brighten anyone’s day is a small gesture of love from your spouse. Something small from the one you love dearly can make the stress of the day melt away.

In our home, nothing says “I love you” to my husband more than having a big glass of ice cold tea ready for him when he comes home from work. Growing up, sweet tea was reserved only for mealtimes so drinking tea between meals was an adjustment for me when Brett and I got married. It didn’t take long for me to realize that having a mason jar filled to the brim with ice and fresh tea put a huge smile on his face when he came home. There are many ways to express our love for our spouse that we can learn simply by studying them. Brett is so sweet to get me coffee in the mornings, because he noticed that mornings are not my favorite time of day. Take the time today to find the gesture of love that will put a smile on your spouse’s face and take the stress of their day away from them.

Here is the Jones family recipe for southern sweet tea!

Step One: Fill a pan with water and place 8 regular size tea bags or 3 family size tea bags in the pan. Tip- You can tie the tea bags together before placing them in the pan for easy removal.

Step Two: Bring to a boil for one minute and then simmer on low for five minutes.

Step Three: Measure out a cup and a half of sugar into a pitcher and pour the boiled tea on top.

Step Four: Mix the boiled tea and sugar until the sugar is dissolved and then fill the pitcher to the top with cold water.

Step Five: Chill and enjoy!