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I can’t think of a more contemplative creature on the earth than an expectant mother. There is something so magical and mysterious about bringing a life into this world. I was certainly no different as I carried each of my babies through pregnancy. During my first pregnancy, God taught me lessons I had never fully realized before—lessons I was going to need in just a few short months later when my own father passed from death unto life in heaven.

Our Relationship With God Will Be So Much Richer in Heaven
As I carried my baby, I thought about how excited I was about one day having my baby physically with me. Of course my baby was always with me now as I carried her, but our relationship was going to be so much deeper once she would finally be born. I had seen her on ultrasounds, but she had yet to see my face too. She had heard my voice faintly, but one day she would hear it clearly. She had felt me move and had responded to my moving, but one day I would hold her in my arms and she could hold me too. I loved her so much and one day, that would be so much clearer to her.

Isn’t that where we are at? Our God sees us at all times, and yet we have never seen His precious face! We have heard Him speak to us in a service or in our Bible reading, but one day we will hear Him with ears that clearly hear. We have felt Him move in our lives, but one day we will see Him move. Surely He anticipates the time of our arrival even more than we anticipate our own children’s arrival!

Our God Does Not Stop Loving Us When We Hurt Him
When I was expecting my children, there were times when they truly hurt me. Perhaps they would kick me in a rib or jab me too hard. I experienced severe morning sickness, heartburn, and back pain. But I never stopped loving my precious babies or longing to see their little faces.

We hurt the Lord when we sin. It does not make the pain the Lord feels any less, but I know for sure, He does not stop loving us. He tells us this in His own precious Word.

We Are Meant For Heaven
Studies tell us that babies can see light at 15 weeks gestation. In fact, if you shine a flashlight at your belly at this time, your baby will move away from it. What if our baby started piecing together information about the world outside mother and realized it was nothing like the womb they dwelled in so comfortably now? “How can I live in a world filled with so much light and freedom? All I know is darkness and limitation here. And to be honest, I am quite comfortable here!” But what baby doesn’t know is that she was never meant to live in a womb her whole existence. She was made to live in the light and freedom of the world. My husband and I had lovingly prepared a room for our little girl. We had clothes for her to wear and things we had bought solely for her comfort and amusement. This was HER room! The womb is only a preparation time for where baby truly belongs—with her parents.

We were never meant to live our entire existence on earth. This is only a preparation time. We were meant to live in God’s presence. That is our home. I still cannot comprehend how a place so holy and so majestic could be where I truly belong, but I can tell you that I have seen this to be true.

When my dad was dying, he let us know he could see heaven already. He could not speak at this point, but he could nod or shake his head at us. He was in that realm between heaven and earth. But what spoke loudest to me was that he was not afraid. In fact, he had anticipation on his face! He was going home, where he truly belonged.

When our day of death comes, all of us who are truly born again will not be afraid. We will finally understand that we belong in heaven.

I am truly enjoying my time on earth. I enjoy God’s blessings and the relationship that I have with the Lord, but I am looking forward to the day when I shed this mortal flesh and see my Father face to face for the first time. I look forward to hearing His voice how I was meant to hear Him, full of majesty and glory. And I look forward to living in the Land I was created to live in, always knowing it is only a breath away. I look forward to serving Him without everything that encumbers us here on earth.

If you have never accepted Christ as your own Saviour and do not know that heaven would be your eternal home, won’t you please get that settled today? God created you to spend eternity with Him! Our sin separates us from God (Romans 3:23). But Jesus (God in the flesh) took the punishment for our sin (Romans 5:8, 6:23) so that we could be in heaven forever with Him. He rose again three days later and lives evermore. Because the God of the Universe did such a drastic thing as die for us, we understand 1.) The seriousness of hell and 2.) There is no possible work we could do that would allow us into heaven (Ephesians 2:8-9). Confess that you are a sinner and pray in faith today that you want Christ to be your Saviour. He promises He will save you if you turn to Him! (Romans 10:13)