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Let’s face it, the grocery budget is a necessary part of life. We are never going to be free from having to spend part of our hard earned money on groceries.  Sort of a depressing thought isn’t it???  I hope you stick around because I have some tips for you that will have you saving big money in no time! You don’t even have to cut any coupons!!!!!

  1. Find a closet or area where you can put a sturdy shelf to organize a food stockpile.  This is the most important key to saving money in your grocery budget!
  2.  Start buying food ONLY when it is on sale.  (For the first month or so, you will have to continue to shop for some things that aren’t on sale while you wait and start to build a stockpile.)  Eventually you won’t be planning your meals according to what you are hungry for that day, but by what you have on the shelves of your stockpile.  Trust me – THIS IS IMPORTANT!!!!!  I shop at Kroger and they have various sales such as 10 for $10 sales or Buy 6 save $3 sales.  I buy multiples of items that I normally use when they go on these rock bottom prices!  Extras are stored on my stockpile shelf! I have been known to have 24 bottles of BBQ sauce in my stockpile during the summer!  Once I walked in a store to find 4 buggies full of cereal marked down to $1 a box!  I bought 36 of them!  I gave a few to my friend Kathy because they had her son Caleb’s favorite kind, but the rest we used and it was all still in date!  STOCKPILE grocery shopping is the very best way to save money on your grocery budget without doing coupons!
  3. Most stores have apps now that have digital coupons.  (I know I said that you didn’t have to clip coupons, but it is super easy to just click a few on an app!)  Once a week you should sit down and just take 5 minutes and go through every coupon in the app and click on the ones that are products that you would normally use!  It is so simple and SO easy!  It seriously will not take you more than 5 minutes to do this step!  Then you will have already clicked on any of the ones that you might possibly need!
  4. I like to stop by the store a day early and grab a sale paper to plan my trip.  I circle all of the things that are on sale that I need to stock up on.
  5. Visit the marked down meat.  My store has a little section where I find bacon and lunch meat marked down to $1.00 most of the time.  It is still in date, and I am going to come home and put it in the freezer anyway, so it is a great way to save money!  However many there are, I buy them all!  You can also find chicken, pork and beef marked down.  Beware though, many times you save a lot more money by just buying meat when it is on sale.
  6. Next I visit the dairy department.  Last week I found gallons of milk marked down to $2.05.  That is way cheaper then the $2.69 it is usually on sale for!  I bought 8 of them and brought them home and poured a cup off and then put them all in the freezer.  Warning:  milk really looks funky when it is frozen, but it is absolutely fine!  I just keep an eye on when the milk in the fridge is running low and pull one out of the freezer and set it in the kitchen sink over night to start thawing.
  7. Watch shelf tags for items that are marked “clearance” or “manager’s special”.  Lots of great savings can be found with these!!!
  8. Use other apps to save you money!  You can use Shopkick which is SUPER easy to use and actually a lot of fun!  Simply open the app as you are walking in the store and you will get “kicked”.  You can also get more “kicks” for scanning shelf tags.  I like to let my kids scan the tags and they love it!  You can later turn “kicks” in for gift cards to places such as Walmart or Lowe’s.  You can also use a very popular app called Ibotta and use the referral code z4xtlw.  At the time of this writing, you can earn an extra $10!!!  MobiSave is another app that I use.  It doesn’t have as many things to choose from, but every little bit helps!  These apps are so simple to use that you could even have your kids do it right when you get home from the grocery store!  They will have fun scanning the groceries that qualify for money back, and you will enjoy the savings!  I let my money from all of these apps accrue and cash it out at the end of the year to help pay for Christmas!  It amazed me last year when I had over $300 to spend from shopping for things I would have already been purchasing anyway!

I hope these tips will help you to be a good steward of your grocery budget!  If you want to go “all in” you can even start clipping coupons from your Sunday paper. I PROMISE you, if you will start STOCKPILE SHOPPING instead of the old way of grocery shopping though, you will start seeing a huge savings in your grocery budget within 6 weeks!!!  Give it a try and tell us what you think!!!!!


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