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I have collected my very favorite missionary baskets from when we were on deputation and am sharing them here for you! My prayer is that these themed-basket ides will be a blessing to the Pastor’s wife looking for a fresh alternative to fruit baskets or Bath and Body Works gift sets. (Although, those baskets are always appreciated too! :))

Car Sweet Car

While traveling on deputation, you are in your vehicle so much it can feel like you live there! Having homey items for your mode of transport can make your car feel a little bit homier. Filler ideas include:

  • Car Organization Items (i.e. Visor Organizer)
  • Vent Air Fresheners (Yankee Candle makes some very homey-scented ones!)
  • Music CDs
  • Neck Pillow
  • Sleeping Mask (They make some that are scented with lavender or have cooling gels in them)

Tip: Instead of the basket, put all the items in a car organization item–like a travel trash can.

Strengthening the Inner Man

Deputation can be wearying on so many levels–this basket can be just the refresher her spirit needs!

  • A Nice Note-taking Journal
  • Dry Highlighters or Scripture Marking Pens
  • Bible Promise Book
  • A Christian Classic — Allow me to suggest some of my personal favorites for ladies:
    • A Chance to Die – Elizabeth Elliot
    • Evidence Not Seen – Darlene Deibler Rose
    • Not My Will – Francena Arnold
    • Stepping Heavenward – Elizabeth Prentiss
    • The Basket of Flowers – Translated by J.H. St. A (Note: The subtitle to this one is “A Tale for the Young,” but all ages will enjoy this gripping story.)

These page-turners can help pass the hours in the car!

The Satisfied Scribe

I’m not sure of anyone who uses more thank-you notes than a missionary wife. Truly, there are so many wonderful people who bless and encourage you along the deputation trail!

  • Beautiful stationery
  • Stickers
  • A Rubber Stamp
  • A Nice Writing Pen–Try one with fun ink colors like pink or purple

Gift Cards

Foul!” You may cry. “That is not creative!”

Trust me, no missionary EVER complains about getting too many gift cards. The creativity here is all about the presentation. One church gave us gift cards in a Samsonite Business Card holder. We smiled every time we grabbed that little black book filled with love and gift cards.

You can tape the gift cards to skewers and make a “flower arrangement” out of the gift cards. I’ve even seen gift cards hung on the branches of a fake little tree or a necklace display tree.

It is the thought that counts!

The gift baskets that blessed me the most were the ones I saw the most thought put into. Baskets that contained age-appropriate snacks, toys, or clothes for my kids or very nice hair products for my curly hair or my husband’s favorite teas made us feel overwhelmed by the love and kindness of God’s people. One creative basket had essential oils and Chuck E. Cheese tokens. This simple display of caring encourages missionaries more than you could ever know!

We know we have some of the most creative readers in the world! Please share your gift basket ideas in the comment section below! I am sure it will be a help and encouragement to the other readers!