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Have a Missionary Into Your Home

“We are praying for you, Brother,” came my hurried exclamation as I passed the missionary standing by his table. Would I really pray for him? Would I even remember him? What country or people was he going to again? Do you know the feeling? How can you really get to know a missionary family?

To this day I remember missionary families that my mom and dad had into our home when I was a boy. One family that sticks out in my mind was the Harris family to Japan. They spent over 20 years on the field and now serve to assist missionaries scattered throughout the Far East. I do remember when he would speak Japanese that I thought it such an odd language. The only thing stranger was when he would tell us about the food! It was a cultural experience for me; but more than that, it made me realize that these missionaries were real people with real needs and they were even real(ly) fun!

Having people into your home (whether missionaries or not) is hard work. You work all day and rush home to cook supper and between the noodles burning and the sauce running over, you attempt to pick up articles of clothing strewn about the house. When you finally sit down and meet your new friends, it isn’t just for you; it is for your family. They are making new friends. They are hearing about people and places they never knew existed. Their minds are being engaged in more ways than just the intellectual, they are being engaged on a spiritual level. We will only be different in five years because of the people we meet and the books read. Let your children meet someone (and actually SIT DOWN with someone) that can help broaden their horizons and worldview.

Tips for having a missionary into your home:

  • If you are having missionaries in for a meal, don’t feel like you have to roll out a four-course spread. Many times soup and salad is just fine.
  • If possible, find out the names of the missionaries coming to your home. Get their contact information as well and pray for them before they come; then email them to let them know you are looking forward to them coming in.
  • You don’t have to cook food from the country or people that the missionaries are going to. To be honest, you might not even know what the food is!
  • Keep up with them after they leave. Some of our most memorable relationships were built around a dinner table, and we still keep up with these friends while on the field.

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