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This carb-crazy lady’s favorite part of the salad are the croutons. I’m not talking about the wimpy cubes you get on the dollar salads, either. I am talking about full-flavor, take up the whole fork, real croutons. But, honestly, nice croutons can be a costly part of your salad. Not these babies! And as a bonus, these incredibly quick croutons¬†do not require preheating your oven! (I love recipes that do not require thinking ahead!)

Time: Less than five minutes

Yield: 1 cup of croutons


1 Lg Slice of Day-Old Bread (about 1 C of bread cubes)
1 Tablespoon Extra Virgin Olive Oil
1/4 Teaspoon Seasoned Salt



1. Slice your day-old bread into “crouton-sized” cubes. Part of the convenience of living in Ethiopia is that I never have to use day-old bread. Because there are no preservatives in the bread, my bread is already stale. It might not be the best for sandwich bread, but it is awfully convenient when I want to make stuffing or French toast.







2. Sautee your bread cubes over high heat for about 45 seconds, longer if you are substituting fresh bread for day-old bread. (We all cheat sometimes, I guess.) You want your bread to be toasty, but not browned.





3. Drizzle your olive oil and seasoned salt over your bread cubes and toss to coat.





4. Toast for three to four minutes longer, stirring often to prevent over browning.

photo 2


I would provide storing information, but I honestly have never had left overs in order to store them! My family loves them!