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I recently had a friend over for a girl’s day that led me to discover the most revolutionary way to rent movies! We were sitting on the couch watching a movie I hadn’t seen since I was a teenage girl when all the sudden, the main character started spewing the most vulgar language! I apologized to my guest profusely, but felt so guilty about what had happened. In a world where our homes are a safe haven from the language and filth of the world I felt violated by this movie! Growing up, my parents had what was called a T.V. guardian. This was a black box that plugged into our T.V. and filtered all the bad words out and so I never knew the movie had language until I watched it in my home. That night after telling my husband what had happened we decided to find our own version of a guardian T.V. and stumbled across VidAngel. *Insert heavenly music*


I would like to share with you why VidAngel is an amazing option for your family!


  1. Rent movies for $1


Yes, you read that right! Can I get an amen for not having to remember to return movies to Redbox?! Also, unlike Netflix, there is no monthly fee to use VidAngel.

How this works

You pick a movie to purchase and pay the $20 to purchase it, you then have 24 hours to sell the movie back to the company and they will refund you a $19 credit! When you purchase the movie, there is a little box you can click to automatically sell the movie back to the company when you are done watching it. This takes away all stress of remembering! On your next movie night, you will add $1 to your $19 to get another movie and then sell it back after watching it to get your $19 back. To sum it up, you make an upfront payment of $20 and then pay $1 for every movie after that. =) You also have the option to keep the movie if you are trying to build a digital library of filtered movies. This brings me to my next point. =)


  1. Safeguard your family by using filters


For each movie you rent, you will have the option to set up custom filters to filter out profanity, violence, and inappropriate scenes. You also have the option to create default filters that will play automatically if you do not set custom filters for the movie. The creators of VidAngel think that it is everyone’s personal right to be able to filter what comes into their home and their company seeks to give families that option.

If you were confused at all by the whole buying the movie and selling it back, keep in mind that VidAngel does this so that you will own the movie when you watch it and can set the filters as strict or lax as you would like.


  1. You will have an amazing library of movies and shows to choose from


I am amazed by how many movies the VidAngel library has! From new releases to the classics like “Anne of Green Gables” they seem to have something that everyone would like.  They have the option to browse through the movies by rating which is a great option when browsing as a family.  If you would like to view the library, click on the link below and create an account. This will allow you to see what movies are available before you make any financial investment. VidAngel has a pretty amazing referral program, so if this blog post was helpful to you, please use this link. =)


Additional Comments:


  • I don’t believe VidAngel ever claims to be a Christian company on their website. Their focus is providing families the option to filter what comes into their home for an affordable price.
  • When selecting a movie to watch, you will have the option to view the trailer. The movie trailers are not filtered.
  • My husband and I do not use VidAngel to watch all the movies that we would never watch before. We have set our movie standards and use VidAngel as an affordable way to rent movies with the assurance that we never have to worry about profanity in our home. That being said, I’m not sure how these filters work on movies with a lot of violence or indecency.


Please use the comment section below to share what options your family uses to safeguard your entertainment!