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I want to start this post by saying that the pounds did not simply fall off for me like they seem to do for most people after having their first baby. The picture on the left is me 5 months after my baby was born! During those five months, I was not just sitting idle. I had cut most processed foods out of my diet and was trying to be conscience about what I ate. It seemed like no matter what I tried, the weight would not budge! To say I was discouraged was an understatement. My poor husband did the best he could to encourage me when I would be at the end of my rope sitting in front of my closet crying because none of my cute clothes fit me. Husbands seriously deserve a medal for all they do!


Everything changed one Sunday when my friend came to church looking fit and trim just a few months after giving birth. As soon as Sunday School was over I cornered her and begged her for her secrets! What I am about to share with you is not some new pill or workout that will make you lose weight over night, but rather a PLAN for pairing healthy eating and working out! The plan I followed is called “Fit Healthy Moms.” The great thing about this exercise program is that it is a six-week workout routine that starts out slow and builds. You will see your body changing as the weeks go by! The program pairs cardio workouts with a core workout to rebuild your stomach muscles. The workouts are super easy to fit in because you only workout three to four days a week for 30 minutes. If you can’t afford to download this program, I would suggest googling post partum workouts on you-tube and creating your own workout schedule.

*** Always make sure you have a doctor’s approval before working out!***


Here are my top three tips for losing weight:


  1. Track your calorie intake!

I was nursing when I started working out and was afraid to count calories because I didn’t want to lose my milk supply. I used this formula to ensure I was getting enough calories as a nursing mother; 655 + (4.35 x weight in pounds) + (4.7 x height in inches) – (4.7 x age in years) add 400-500 calories for nursing. Once you have your calories for the day, use an app to track your calorie intake and your activity for the day. This will help you lose weight because you are being held accountable for everything you eat.

*** Tip – I tried to stay close to my calorie allotment for the day. If you try to eat the least amount of calories to lose the weight faster, it will come back! Losing the weight at the right pace will ensure it stays off.

  1. Drink A LOT of water!

The app I used to track my calories (My Fitness Pal) also had a place to track your water intake for the day. It can be tempting to turn to a coffee or soda to get a quick burst of energy, but you will see the weight come off much faster if you drink lots of water! The workout program I mentioned earlier suggest drinking half of your body weight in ounces. Example: If you weigh 150, you need to drink 75 ounces of water. I kept a water jug close by and would immediately refill my cup when it was empty.

  1. Eat Clean!

This part was super fun for me as I really LOVE to cook and eating clean allowed me to cook with some ingredients I had never used before. I found it easier to stick to a meal plan when I ate the same thing for breakfast and lunch during the week and tried new recipes for dinner. When I knew what I was eating for the first two meals, it took away the temptation to eat something fast and processed and cooking new recipes for dinner kept me excited about eating healthy. Pinterest has some FANTASTIC healthy dinners and desserts!

My husband and I are expecting our second blessing this June and I am so grateful to have a plan in place to get back to a fit and healthy me!

I love reading your comments so please share any tips you have for healthy weight loss! =)

You can find the exercise program I mentioned at:



This is a picture celebrating the end of the six week program and back at pre-baby weight!