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I recently listened to a lecture given on honoring the Lord with the way you dress and it sparked some thoughts about modesty that I would like to share with you.


  1. You Need Your Parents Guidance:

Growing up in a Pastor’s home, I had an idea of what was right and wrong for me to wear. Even with this understanding, I desperately needed my parent’s guidance. You see, as a 16 year old young lady, I could not understand how men thought. I had an idea of what I thought would look pretty on me, but I had no clue about the visual battle men fight on a day to day basis. Now that I am married, I understand more and I can look back and see why my parents didn’t want me to wear certain outfits. If you are a young person reading this, may I encourage you to guard your heart from being offended about clothing? You will look back one day and understand and be grateful for your parents protection. Dressing modestly has never been about hiding what you look like and we must remove that from our thinking. Dressing modestly is valuing who you are in Christ image so much so that you aren’t willing to reveal yourself for all to see.

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  1. You Will One Day Make Your Own Standards:

When my husband and I got married, I asked him if we could make a list of our standards and convictions and pray about each one. I didn’t want to have standards simply because my parents had them. I respected their wisdom, but I knew that doing something because someone else does it wouldn’t last in weak moments. I needed God to confirm that each one was from Him, I wanted to feel the convicting power of His Holy Spirit. Being perfectly honest here, there are a lot of things that look fun to wear and there is always the novelty of wearing something new. As a newly married couple, the Devil will tempt you to throw out the convictions and standards that your parents had. He will tell you the lie that dress isn’t important, you can listen to whatever music you want, that those things are simply for our enjoyment and have no connection to our spiritual walk. When I started praying about my dress, I thought the Lord would give me a list of clothing I shouldn’t wear. With pen and paper in hand I waited for Him to speak so I could make my list. The Lord spoke to my heart in such a personal and sweet way, the way a Father would speak to his daughter. He told me that He loved me and desired for me to honor Him in every aspect. His love for me and my desire to honor Him are my only standards in dress and everything else grows out of that. Don’t believe the Devil’s lie that dress doesn’t matter to the Lord. God loves you too much to not be interested in every area of your life.


  1. The Lord Will Bless You for Dressing Modestly:

If you choose to dress modestly, you will not always get the most attention in the youth group, but I promise you that God has a special blessing for you. May I share with you the biggest blessing the Lord gave me? My husband, Brett. Brett and I have talked about this and he would’ve never noticed me if I hadn’t been dressing to honor the Lord. He was looking for someone to serve the Lord with him and he said that the way I dressed made me stand out to him. The blessing that I get to enjoy is a man who values me and treasures me. Brett chooses every day to save his eyes for me. If we are watching a movie where an immodestly dressed woman comes on screen, he chooses to turn his eyes away because of the value that he places on me. If you are dressing to get attention from guys, you may be successful, but you have traded something that will have lasting value for a moment of pleasure. Until I got married, I never knew how special it would make me feel  to have someone value and respect me the way that Brett does. His love for me creates so much trust and peace in our marriage and I wouldn’t trade it for a moment of attention from anyone else.


                                                                Modesty blessing