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I am so thankful the Lord has given us the opportunity to continue this blog! I hope the posts that our family share each week are a blessing to you because that is our heart’s desire. When I was praying about what to blog this week, the Lord brought to my memory that I had not shared about the baby shower I helped throw for my best friend, Erin Paine! This was my first and only shower I’ve ever thrown, so please don’t read this expecting tons of tips on how to throw the best baby shower. 😉 That post would need to come from my mom (Laurie Cox). She has thrown so many showers she could do it with her eyes closed! The one unique thing about this shower was that it was featured on an episode of “Bringing Up Bates.” When Mrs. Bates first told me that the shower was going to be filmed, my first reaction was instant terror! As mentioned before, I had never helped with a shower before and the pressure to have everything perfect felt so weighty! My second reaction was thinking about everyone who watched Chad and Erin’s story and had prayed for them and would now get to “join” in on the celebration. That really helped to calm me down and keep my focus right!

Backing up to how Erin and I became friends. Erin and I both attended the same college and ended up in several classes together. Once we introduced ourselves to each other, we became friends instantly. Erin has a very tender heart to the Lord and we had many things in common that helped knit our hearts together. My parents and I had been praying for a godly friend while I was at college, and Erin was the answer to that prayer. Fast forward to present day, Erin and Chad are like family to Brett and I and it was our desire to encourage them with this baby shower.

My theme for the shower was country chic because I know that is a style that Erin likes. Brett was my partner in crime while shopping for the decorations, mostly because he keeps me calm and focused when I stress out. 😛 I found most of my supplies at Hobby Lobby. The colors that I picked out (a mint green and gray) ended up being the exact colors that Erin and Chad had chosen for the nursery! Only the Lord could have orchestrated that. I also wanted to accent with lace and burlap. After the shopping was done, Brett and I headed to the Bates house to show Erin the decorations and make the final plans for the baby shower.

I will share one insider glimpse into filming here that is slightly embarrassing. When Brett and I pulled into the driveway, the film crew didn’t get a good shot of us driving up so they asked us to back up and pull in again. This sounds simple enough, right? Our car at the time had some major issues, one of them being backing up. -_- The film crew kept motioning for us to back up and the car simply would not go in reverse. All Brett and I could do was laugh…because we couldn’t duck down far enough to hide. 😛 The car finally co-operated with us, and we were able to go inside for dinner. Michaela made an amazing dinner of BBQ sandwiches, macaroni and cheese and green beans! After our stomachs were nice and full, us ladies sat down to do the planning! Mrs. Bates and Whitney took the lead on food preparation, and I was in charge of decorations and games. We ended the night with a fun time of singing and a Bible study. You can’t leave the Bates house without feeling encouraged because their house is brimming over with love!

The day of the shower, I woke up nice and early… actually, I’m not sure I ever fell asleep! My mind kept going over every scenario of what could go wrong and making back up plans for everything. I recruited my Mom and my friend Carole to come and help me set up all the decorations and  make sure everything looked exactly how I had pictured it in my head. We had the shower in a beautiful room with floor to ceiling windows. The natural lighting made everything look beautiful. My tables were decorated with white table cloths and centerpieces of a wood stump with a mason jar and fresh hydrangeas. My mom had made these lace and burlap sleeves for the jars trimmed with a mint green thread that would have cost a fortune if I had to buy them pre-made! The Lord has blessed her with so many talents, and I was grateful she worked so hard to help make the shower perfect. Carole and I set up a cute coffee area with all the fixings and a gift table. I have to take a quick pause here to mention the food because it was the absolute best food I have ever had at a shower! I don’t mean to make your mouth water, but we had Chick-fil-a chicken nuggets, Krispy Kreme doughnut holes and an amazing fruit pizza that Whitney made! I wanted to eat like four plates, but I tried to practice restraint. Mrs. Fox (a sweet lady from our church) gave a devotion that really encouraged me as a mother. She spoke about enjoying the moment and relying on the Lord for wisdom. She had some funny stories in there as well and kept us all laughing.


     (Here is a close up look at one of the center pieces)


The part I was most nervous about was the games. I would describe myself as being a more reserved person and getting up in front of everyone to play games was outside of my comfort zone for sure. The Lord helped me though and the group of ladies were so fun that I actually had a blast! The first game we played was a game where you had to put a 3×5 card on your forehead and try to draw what baby Carson would look like. We got some very funny results! I am so glad that Carson is here and he looks nothing like anything we drew. 😛 The next game was a piece of paper that had the word “baby” in different languages and you had to guess which language it was written in. Some of the ladies impressed me by how well they did at that game! You can find a link for the game here.


After games came the best part–the gifts! It was so encouraging to see all the gifts that everyone brought. Erin is special to so many people and it was reflected in the sweet gifts she received.


gift 1

We ended the shower with a balloon release to remember Erin and Chad’s little ones that are with the Lord. When I started planning the shower, it was really important to me to have a time to remember those sweet babies because each life is a gift and each life is important. I wanted Erin to know that I hadn’t forgotten those sweet little ones. When someone started singing Amazing Grace, it was truly the perfect touch to our balloon release because it is only by God’s grace that we can get through trials and difficult times.

balloon release

At the end of the day, I was so grateful that everything had turned out so beautifully! Even the weather was absolutely perfect! If you didn’t get a chance to see the episode entitled “Blessings…and New Beginnings?” it is still available on dish on demand for free and iTunes for $2.99.  If you haven’t seen “Bringing Up Bates” I would highly encourage you to check it out! The third season is currently airing on UP t.v on Thursday nights at 9:00 PM! Tonight’s episode will feature Michaela and Brandon’s wedding and you may be able to catch a glimpse or two of Brett and I. 😉

friends hug    (Erin, Kassie, Azlynn and my Mom)


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